Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilizer is basically used to clean restorative and pharmaceutical things that can't reinforce standard high temperature steam disinfection - , for instance, contraptions that in association electronic sections, plastic packaging or plastic compartments. Frequently the ETO used for gas purifying is mixed with diluents, for instance, carbon dioxide or nitrogen in different degrees from 10 % ETO to 90 % ETO. The commonly used gas obsession in the sterilizers is 450 to 1000 mg/lit of chamber volume (evaluated as unadulterated ETO).

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Specification of ETO Sterilizer

Riyadh Jeddah Medina Dammam
Mecca Tabuk Khobar Ta’if
Ha’il Jubail Abha Buraydah
Najran Yanbu King Abdullah Economic City Dhahran
Qatif Jizan Hofuf Khamis Mushait
Arar Saudi Arabia Al-Kharj Sakakah Hafar Al-Batin
Al Bahah Abqaiq Bisha Khafji
Turaif Rabigh Ras Tanura Unaizah